We are convinced that tourism is possible without exploitation and destruction but with a deep appreciation and connection with the people and nature.

The Conscious Tourism Group is a cooperative fostering mindfulness and ethics in Tourism. We are a community of businesses and people who support and accompany the emerging paradigm shift in tourism towards more sustainability with open minds, open hearts and open will.

We provide a space for all players who contribute in any way to the vision of a deeply connected tourism sector by building on good and meaningful relationships with ourselves, each other, our partners and the environment. We believe in co-creation and explicitly invite people and businesses from all sectors to enrich our views and help us build a strong network of sustainable tourism beyond the commonly perceived limits of the sector.

We offer a network, consulting and a space to experiment and co-create for leaders in tourism, travel agents, destinations and all kinds of innovators in the sector as well as for producers of sustainable products who are interested in telling and sharing  their stories through travel.

In our core team, we are all experts in sustainable tourism but also diverse in our backgrounds e.g. in education, local politics, destination development or as travel agents. What connects us is our common passion for discovering the world, its people and places, in all their colourful diversity without harming or exploiting either.

Tell us what your field of expertise is, and we will tell you how it is connected to tourism and how you can contribute to a kind of tourism which is beneficial and enjoyable for us all.

We do not (yet) have the resources to maintain this site in other languages. However, we do speak English and are happy to tell you all about us and our activities.

So please get in touch. We are looking forward to getting to know you.

Meet the Founders

Kerstin Dohnal

I love discovering the world. However, the paradigm of tourism as an industry stands in complete contrast to this love. This is why I am so personally invested and passionate about shifting the tourism paradigm based on Human Rights, openness and the principle of connectedness among us humans and with nature.

Günter Moser

In my work I have always made it my mission to underline that travel destinations are primarily homes to living beings – to people, animals and plants. The protection of our environment, respectful encounters with other people and fair working conditions along the entire value chain must be a priority in tourism.

Julia Balatka

„Travel brings us back to ourselves“ (Albert Camus). Traveling is therefore one of the best ways of getting to know ourselves faster and better. This makes it even more important to live and travel the world with open eyes and open hearts. And this way of traveling is what I offer my clients.

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